24th IIBA Conference in Toronto, Canada. 23-28 May 2017.

22 22UTC mayo 22UTC 2016

24th International IIBA Conference

“Reflecting Back – Looking Forward: Essence and Growth in Bioenergetic Analysis”

24th International IIBA Conference. 23-28 Mayo 2017

En 2016 se cumpen 60 años desde que Alexander Lowen fundó el I.I.B.A..

La 24 Conferencia Internacional será un momento para celebrar los logros conseguidos hasta ahora, así como un lugar de encuentro para plantear los retos a los que tenemos que hacer frente en el futuro.

The 24th IIBA (International Institute for Bioenergetic Analysis) International Conference will focus on three domain areas.

  1. The centrality of sexuality in all its manifestations: desire, passion, longing, love, affection, procreation, intimacy, and the ever-increasing understanding of the nature and importance of attachment and relationship in human life.
  2. The impact of chronic relational trauma and its effects on the soul and the somatopsyche.
  3. Social consciousness and social action: the insight provided by a bioenergetic understanding of how these attitudes and behaviors are structured into the somapsyche in the form of character organization and personality organization.


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